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Tegami Bachi Reverse
The first season has very llttle plot development in terms of the previously mentioned concept, IN fact, it is safe to say the first season really just 'sets the scene' in 25 episodes, so by the time you reached the finale, you have a very thorough understanding of what being a letter bee entails, their impact on the lives of the civilians, the huge social divisionsof Amberground, basic knowledge on all the characters encountered so far, etc.etc. The Second season is when the plot really gets moving. Don't get me wrong, the first season was absolutely beautiful exhibition of the greatness of the human spirit. Beautiful and extremely moving. However, the second season is so extremely addictive and exciting because you are immersed in the journeys of all the protagonists and all their successes and failures are amplified tenfold for you, and in the most basic terms, season 2 retains little episodic elements of season 1 and is also much more exciting because there is significant plot movement.
{Last Updated: Jan 31, 2014}

Opening Theme: Season 1
#1: "Hajimari no Hi" by Suga Shikao feat. Mummy-D
#2: "Love Letter no Kawari ni Kono shi wo" by Seira [Download] [Single]
Opening Theme: Season 2 ~Reverse~
#1: "Chiisana Mahou" by Stereopony
#2: "Yakusoku" by Suga Shikao [Download] [Single]

Ending Theme: Season 1
#1: "Hatenaki Michi" by HIMEKA [Download] [Single]
#2: "Hikari no Kioku" by Angelo [Download] [Single]
Ending Theme: Season 2 ~Reverse~
#1: "Wasurenagusa" by Piko [Download] [Single]
#2: "Perseus" by Yamazaru [Download]

Original Soundtrack Nocturne ~a destiny~ [Download]

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