K-ON! follows the tried and true formula of cute girls doing cute things. Based on a 4-koma comic, the series is about several high school girls who form (technically join, but all the previous members graduated) a light music club and follows their activities. The music itself often takes a back seat to the antics of the girls, and audiophiles may find themselves somewhat disappointed if they go in expecting detailed attention to techniques or references to real life bands. The most common scene in the series features the main girls sitting in the club room snacking on tea and cakes while discussing various mundane events, particularly with the more dedicated girls trying to get the rest to practice. The music used in the series can generally be described as light and fluffy, both the background music and the couple of songs the girls play at their concerts, with the exception of the closer, which rocks a little bit harder than rest. The voice acting fits well all around, with Yui being notable for regularly coming off as someone who isn't all there, fitting her character well. [K-on!! Second Season
{Last Updated: April 12, 2014}
Opening Theme:
"Cagayake! GIRLS" by Houkago Tea Time [5-nin Ver.] [Single]
Opening Theme: Movie
"Ichiban Ippai" by Houkago Tea Time [Single]

Ending Theme:
"Don't say lazy" by Kei-on! [5-nin Ver.] [Single]
Ending Theme: Movie
"Singing!" by Houkago Tea Time [Single]

Insert Song:
"Fuwa Fuwa Time"[5-nin Ver.] [Single]
"Watashi no Koi wa Hotch-Kiss"
"Curry Nochi Rice"
"Fudepen" (Ballpen)
"Maddy Candy" by Death Devil [Single] 
Insert Song: Movie
Unmei wa Endless!
Insert Song Collection [Download]

Character Song:
1. Hirasawa Yui
2. Akiyama Mio
3. Tainaka Ritsu
4. Kotobuki Tsumugi
5. Nakano Azusa
6. Ui Hirasawa
7. Nodoka Manabe

Original Soundtrack [Download]
Original Soundtrack Movie [Download]
Gekichuka Mini Album [Download]
Sakurako Keionbu Official Band Yarouyo!! [Download]
Radion! Special Vol.1 [Download]
Radion! Special Vol.2 [Download]

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  1. Fudepen (Ballpen)?
    Fuwa fuwa Time?

  2. Could you please upload the character songs...

    Thank You

  3. Bisa tolong upload versi TV Size dari Don't say ''lazy'', and Cagayake! GIRLS?
    Could you upload the TV size version of Don't say ''lazy'', and Cagayake! GIRLS?


  4. could you tell me how can I download from mediafire for that link download?
    cause I just found that link is disable

  5. thanks ^^
    btw, K-ON! Gekichuka Mini Album udah di remove thu ._.

  6. Where is download link for GO GO MANIAC,Rice is a Dish and Utayo Miracle??

  7. How to download in RockDiz??? I dont know how.. I cant download the songs

  8. K-ON keren banget emank ehehehehe :D

  9. i have download the files named "kasumi@l_offban.rar.001" and "kasumi@l_offban.rar.002". I can't open it. How to open it, please? Need Help. Thank Before. ^_^

  10. i cant direct extract "kasumi@1_offban.rar.001/002" i already use winrar, i only can add to archieve or compress only.

  11. i can't download the ending theme song ... please fix the problem,, thank you ...

    1. What's the problem, I have check them. Link still okay.

  12. What is the music theme used for Sawako's flashback moment?
    (I meant the guitars one)

  13. can u re-upload Insert Song: Curry Nochi Rice
    i have download it but it different from what i know

  14. Replies
    1. Give them this link:

      or least you write "Credits: anime-mp3"

    2. if i share in subs link?
      like this "http://www.anime-mp3.com/2013/02/sakurako-keionbu-dont-say-lazy-single.html"
      in credits i wrote thais link?

    3. If link page, it's okay, but NO for Download Link.

  15. This site is fantastic, thank you, you guys are awesome, keep up the success

  16. Hope to see the K-OK! Music History's Box Set with the PSP game's soundtrack!

  17. what is the function of character song ?

  18. Wich one is the yui version of fuwa fuwa time?

  19. really loves Ui & Ritsu voices <3

  20. Uh...
    For Insert Song: Move
    There's actually one song missing
    it's called "Samidare 20 Love" by Mio as the vocal and it was played during their mini concert held in their class after the trip to London and which Sawako-sensei tried her very best to stop the grumpy old looking teacher from interrupting....

    Is it possible to make it even more completed? :)

    1. that song in this page:

  21. dimana bisa download instrumental Watashi no Koi wa Hotch-Kiss???
    terima kasih

  22. Why when I'm heading link "www.embedupload.com / ...." always visible warning/notif "Your ip is in the black list. If you are using the" Proxy Server "or" VPN "please disconnect and try again.
    Please always share embedupload links to avoid file deletion and banning accounts.
    contact us for more details."
    I don't understand about it. Is there another link to download it?? I'm sorry :'(