Kore wa zombie desu ka

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2013
Opening Theme:
1# "Ma・Ka・Se・Te Tonight" by Iori Nomizu [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Single]
2# "*** Passionate" by Iori Nomizu [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Single]  

Ending Theme:
1#"Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi wa Classmate desu" by Rie Yamaguchi with manzo [Download][Single]
2# "Koi no Beginner Nan Desu (T_T)" by Rie Yamaguchi [Download] [Single

Insert Song:
"Kirakira Diamond" by Saraswati
"Kyuuketsu Venus" by Seraphim & Saraswati
"Sorya Masou Desho! Rock'n Roll" by Haruna
"Sugao" by Eucliwood Hellscythe
(All of them in Original Soundtrack) 

Insert Song of the Dead:
"Ettou Santora Kaikyou" by Aya Gōda
"Kyuuketsuki Venus" by Aya Gōda
"Mata Ashita Ne." by Rie Yamaguchi
"Ma・Ka・Se・Te Tonight" by Iori Nomizu
"Minna mo Ii na" by Hisako Kanemoto
"Sorya Masou Desho! Rock'n Roll" by Iori Nomizu
(All of them in Original Soundtrack 2)

Drama CD:
Drama 01 - Hai Haran Banjou Desu [Download]
Drama 02 - Hai Kore wa Safe Desuka? Hai, Radio Desu [Download]
Of the Dead Drama CD - Kore wa Haran Banjo (Drama CD↑↑) Desu ka? Mou! Sounandesho![Download]

Original Soundtrack:
Meccha Sonyuka (Insert Song) & Meccha Santora (Soundtrack) Bangai Hen [Download]
Meccha Soundtrack [Download]
Of The Dead Meccha Festivo! Tsumari Utamono Zenbu to 2 Ki no BGM iri 2 Maigumi BEST [Download]

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  1. maravilloso...habia buscado estas canciones por mucho rato..soy un otaku de 51 anos,dominicano.....thank you very much.

  2. muchisimas gracias por el aporte, lo llevo buscando durante mucho tiempo... thank you so much you are great¡¡¡... domo arigatou

  3. thanks for your uploud, i been searched for this for many time... domo arigatou...

  4. what is the title of the song in episode six when hellscythe appeared? please tell me. i appreciate it if you tell me.

  5. Thanks For The Songs They Are Awsome

  6. can anyone tell me the song name when eu tranformed into masou shojo during the fight against belphegor in epiode 10? if u know please tell i have been searching for that song for very long now thanks

  7. it's nice & lagunya bagus bagus kak arigato gozaimasu ^_^

  8. NIce then keep updating OK?? i'll always come back to see the update

  9. "Ettou Santora Kaikyou" by Aya Gōda Can't download? Onegaishimasu :(

    1. Download here:

  10. Hii~ im very like ur site. Its contain almost my favourite anime song. TY so much. KAKOIIIEE~!

  11. can someone please response to my following question, i appreciate your work if you do that. here is my question, does anyone here knows the song from kore wa zombie desu ka? of the dead in 7th episode when Chris make her appeareances as a new antagonist against Aikawa? if anyone here does know the song they played, please let me know. i really liked the bass playing in that scene, thanks again for your hard work.

    1. this show has a couple of hidden song like the eu transformation song that no one at all can find

  12. Hey..... All the insert song link are unavailable.......

  13. bedanya apa http://www.anime-mp3.com/2012/08/kore-wa-zombie-desu-ka-meccha-sonyuka.html sama ini http://www.anime-mp3.com/2012/08/kore-wa-zombie-desu-ka-original.html ?

    1. http://www.anime-mp3.com/2012/08/kore-wa-zombie-desu-ka-original.html (OST 1)
      http://www.anime-mp3.com/2012/08/kore-wa-zombie-desu-ka-meccha-sonyuka.html (OST 2)

  14. gan nama musik instrumental di awal episode 2 season 1 apa ya ?