Dog Days starts off like a number of fantasy series, with our protagonist getting summoned to another world to assist with a war that is currently going on. Although the word “war” makes it sound like something big is going on, a war is more like a game with a protective barrier to prevent anyone from getting seriously harmed. However as the series goes on a catastrophe begins to develop and the characters are forced to stop it.  When the series first started, it looked like it wouldn’t actually have a plot because the series was all happy, cheerful and Flonyard (the name of the alternate world) seemed like a perfect world. However one plot twist would change all that and gave the series a foundation to build a plot on. The plot twist itself was also unforeseeable because it completely changed the mood from happy and cheerful to something more serious and dark . It just goes to show you that things aren’t always what they seem. The plot itself is pretty simple, doesn’t over complicate things and is pretty easy to follow. The story is also paced well too as it doesn’t try to squeeze it’s plot into 2 episodes like some series, and because of this the plot actually has time to develop. However I think that there could have been a little bit more added to the story if they had they introduced the plot a bit earlier, but nonetheless the story is pretty solid.
Last Updated: Feb 03, 2014

Opening Theme:
"SCARLET KNIGHT" by Nana Mizuki [Download]

Ending Theme:
#1: "PRESENTER" by Yui Horie [Downlaod]
#2: "Miracle Colors" by Yui Horie

Insert Song:
Eps 05: Kitto Koi wo Shiteiru by Yui Horie [Download]
Eps 11: Promised Love ~Daisuki x 100~ by Yui Horie [Download]

Bonus CD: 
Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 [Download]
Vol. 2 Insert Song Eps.5 [Download]
Vol. 3 Original Soundtrack Vol.2 [Download]
Vol. 4 Original Soundtrack Vol.3 [Download]
Vol. 5 Insert Song Eps. 11 [Download]
Vol. 6 Ending 2 [Download]

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  1. The TV size would be very much appreciated. Thx for what you've done so far. Love the OP.

  2. Ayok2 diupload lagunya semua..

  3. can u upload the rest ?
    coz i really like the songs

  4. could you get me a download link for this one?
    Eps11: Promised Love ~Daisuki x 100~ by Yui Horie

  5. Yeah! I wish to have a copy of ep.5's Kitto Koi wo Shiteiru by Yui Horie~ :DD thanks! :D

  6. Wahhh gak sabar pengen DL tu lagu...

  7. when will the song Miracle Colors released?
    can't wait for that

  8. Hime-Sama to Okiyou is a drama track not the insert song of ep 11

  9. wait a minute, is this anime? dog days? it feels different from "dog days" i know.

  10. i hope insert song dog days will be complete soon, i cant wait anymore ...

  11. when will u upload the rest of the SONGS?

  12. West Borneo, u meant West Java? lol. ok, i will be waiting for new song, "Mas" dude.

    1. no, borneo are the big island at north of java.
      and I want the S2 of Dog Days OP and ED, please.

  13. yah, koment gw kok dihapus see??


    Yui Horie - Kitto Koi wo Shiteiru

  15. there's also a bonus CD that comes with vol 2 DVD, on it has a song by Miyano Mamoru and Yui Horie (I think), called Stand Up Ears. =) I'm having so many issues finding it! I just thought I'd let you know of its existence, if you did not already know. Thanks for your hard work seeking out all the songs and completing collections!

    - Daphne

  16. Hope that Promise Love ~Daisukix100~ will be available soon

  17. promise love promise love promise love !!!!
    hayaku hayaku hayaku hayaku hayaku hayaku !

  18. Wow, Thanks for share the anime, I waiting for season 2.

  19. DOG DAYS Original Soundtrack Vol.2 Download link ERROR!!
    bisa di upload lagi gak? pleaseee.....

  20. ups sorry salah lihat link download, link masih OL

  21. when the rest of the song be uploaded?

  22. After reading some comments above: most of the songs haven't been released yet. This week DVD Vol.4 came out (26/10), with Soundtrack 3. Promised Love will come out on November 23rd, with DVD 5, and I believe Miracle Colors on December 21st with DVD 6. Drama Box 2 was also released this week, but I don't know if there will be more drama CDs. And next year, season 2!! Hope more beautiful songs get done for it :)

  23. what!? season 2!? are u serious? well, that was great news!!

  24. any idea when Promised Love will be available?

  25. when promised love will be uploaded?
    cant wait anymore though...

    Promised Love

  27. I love Dog Days so much...
    "Miracle Colors" when the song came out? I've waited a long time.. I really like that song.
    and i always waiting for season 2
    hope i can get more information about the season 2 and Miracle Colors song.
    Thanks :)