Hidan No Aria
緋弾のアリア / Aria the Scarlet Ammo
What Hidan no Aria gives us as a premise is about as generic and played as it comes. A high school boy... sigh why is it I always have to start it with that? Anyway he goes to Butai High School, a place where Japan teaches its youngsters to be assassins, thieves, and super powered shrine maidens. It’s like any other anime high school except the students all carry guns and katanas. No seriously it’s just like every other high school. So from there our hero, Kinji, suitably useless and powerless Japanese male gets involved right off the bat with the more dangerous female classmates who either want his body or him dead or more often both. Of course Kinji is able to tap into a hidden power of his own called "Hysteria Mode" which he enters from being sexually aroused. Really I'm serious here. I can't make this stuff up. Further nonsense ensues from this point and I honestly couldn’t make heads or tails of any of it from the beginning. (mal)
{Last Updated: April 26, 2013}

Opening Theme:
" [Single] Scarlet Ballet" by May'n [Download] 
Ending Theme:
" [Single] Camellia no Hitomi" by Aiko Nakano [Download]  FT | MF | 4S]

Hidan no Aria Character Song & BGM CD Bullet:
CD Bullet.1 - Kanzaki H. Aria [Download]
CD Bullet.2 - Hotogi Shirayuki [Download]
CD Bullet.3 - Mine Riko [Download]
CD Bullet.4 - Reki [Download]
CD Bullet 5 - Jeanne D'Arc [Download]
CD Bullet 6 - Aria [Download]
CD Bullet 7 - Aria & Kinji [Download]

Drama Theater:
CD - 1 [Download]
CD - 2 [Download]

Original Soundtrack Kyoyogakubu Ongaku Kyozai [Download]

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  1. Could you possibly get me two songs from this anime please? In episode 10, Special Training. At around 8 minutes and 30 seconds, Jeanne plays a song on piano. If its possible, I'd like that please. And the song right after, when she talks about Riko's confinement. The dramatic song. If you could get me these songs please, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. Oh, no problem. Thanks for trying. How do you get them? Do you searh them online, or do you have the Original Soundtrack on a CD or something? Because I'd be fine looking if you told me where I could possibly find them. Unless you just have the Original Soundtrack on a CD or your computer. If it isnt too much to ask, maybe you could upload it all for download? I wouldn't mind looking through it all to find it.

  3. I can't even put into words how disappointed I am about the summary. Hidan no Aria has a great concept. An Anime for trained mercenaries sounds epic. AND they get to carry their weapons emphasizing that something could happen at anytime. Action, cute girls, guns, a hidden organization, crime. Mature themes like these makes this Anime awesome!

  4. I love to watch this anime series and i love to watch on it. Thanks very much.