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Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream
Prism Stars are performers on the new popular ice show, Prism Show. They are superidols whose techniques, singing and fashion sense are a cut above all others. Aira and Rizumu are two Prism Stars whose goal is to become the best, the Prism Queen. However, the road to success is bumpy. Around episode 4, I was about to trash the sound score. I love "You May Dream" by LISP but it was getting annoying how it was being used for every performance. But since episode 4, there were 3 new songs and Callings finally gets to perform live. I thought they were going to be a stupid ice skating boy band but the song was actually good. Both theme songs are happy and cute, which I personally love.
It sucks how Mion hasn't met Aira and Rhythm yet and she seems like she's a b**** but I'm sure she'll turn around. It also sucks how Rhythm has that name in the first place. It's kind off cliche. Rhythm has more jumps but she IS the better dancer and love affects her more. Despite all that, they, especially Aira, are cute and funny. I don't get it but I love this anime. I wouldn't do the anime justice if I just summed it up and said the anime was cute. It's more than that.

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{Last Updated: Nov 26, 2013}

Opening Theme:
1."You May Dream" by LISP
2."1000% Kyun Kyun Sasete Yo ♥" by Pretty Rhythm All Stars

Ending Theme:
Insert song:
Dream Goes On by Aira (CV: Asumi Kana)
Kokoro Juuden by Sayuri Hara
Switch On My Heart by Azusa Kataoka
Mera Mera HEART ga Atsuku Naru by MARs
1/1000 Eien no Bigaku by Callings
Never Let me Down 〜がんばりやぁ!〜 by  せれのん
Itoshi no Tinker Bell by Callings
Shall We Go?! by Kaname Chris (CV: Kanae Ito)
Don't Give Up by Kanon Toudou (CV: Akesaka Satomi)
Wonderful World by Serena
[Download all songs above] (File Size: 115 MB)

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Original Soundtrack [Download]

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  1. 永遠の美学早くききたいー!

  2. Sorry, but do u know the name of the song the callings sing on ep 22,

  3. Why Aren't you gonna watch this series ever again? It's really good, and I really appreciate being able to find the music here

  4. can you please download the mars songs, hop step jump and mera mera ga atsuku naru because I love their songs, please..