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Everything in this show is about Dante and the process of him being cool. He's so cool he transcends the meaning of the word "cool", like the epitome of coolness never seen since the cool came to cool town. He acts cool, he dresses cool, he eats only cool food (pizza, strawberry sundae, beer, nothing else), he has cool overpowered weapons, and even his name is cool. Unsurprisingly, every time he's up for the job, he always manages to do it, usually single-handedly — be it a bike race, gambling, or killing a several-stories-tall demon in a matter of seconds without even appearing to have taken effort in the process. Yet he always fails to complete his primary objective, usually because of some righteous reason. How impossibly cool! And even during that, he appears to be bored by stuff happening around him. Sounds like an excellent mascot for boys and girls raised on MTV and related lifestyle values?
Opening Theme: Anime
"D.M.C" by Rungran [Download]
Opening Theme: Devil May Cry 4 [Game]
"DRINK IT DOWN" by L`Arc~en~Ciel
Opening Theme: DmC Devil May Cry Noisia
"Nothing Helps" by ONE OK ROCK [Download] [Single]

Ending Theme: Anime
"I'll be your home" by Rin Oikawa [Download] 

Insert Song:
Future in My Hand by Aimee B [Download]

Drama CD: Anime
Vol. 1 [Download]
Vol. 2 [Download]
Original Soundtrack:
TV Anime [Download]

Original Soundtrack: Game]
Devil May Cry I Original Soundtrack [Download]
Devil May Cry II Original Soundtrack [Download]
Devil May Cry III Original Soundtrack [Download]
Devil May Cry IV Original Soundtrack [Download]

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