A Certain Magical Index // とある魔術の禁書目録"When magic and science crosses path, what will happen?" is how I would have liked to start this review. However the answer to that would have simply be "nothing" since, although both sides exists in the same place, there were hardly any interaction between them. So instead, I will begin by asking Index what she meant by accompanying her to the depth of hell. She was hardly present for half the show and during the rare occasions when she is in an episode, she gets sidelined and become a minor character with absolutely no impact to the story (beside biting Touma on the head).
So what am I trying to say here? It means that if you enjoy watching Shakugan no Shana, feel free to give this anime a try. The magician (magic) vs esper (science) theme advertised by Toaru Majutsu no Index does have its selling points, but I just think it desperately need a sequel to really link the various bits and pieces together. I enjoyed the mini arcs (whether they are filler or not), those irrelevant mini stories were very entertaining and they help keep my mind off Index. But once I start thinking deeper into the character ties and relationships, there is just something missing about the purpose of Index. Perhaps a hopeful sequel will fill in the missing puzzles, but as things stand right now the story really hurts the show.
{Latest Updated: Dec 05, 2014}

Opening Theme: Season 1
#1: "PSI-missing!" by Mami Kawada [Single]
#2: "Masterpiece" by Mami Kawada [Single]
Opening Theme: Season 2
#1: "No buts!" by Mami Kawada [Single]
#2: "See visionS" by Mami Kawada [Single]

Ending Theme: Season 1
#1: "Rimless ~Fuchinashi no Sekai~" by IKU [Single]
#2: "Chikaigoto ~Sukoshi Dake Mou Ichido~" by IKU [Single]
Ending Theme: Season 2
#1: "Magic∞World " by Maon Kurosaki [Single]
#2: "Memories Last" by Maon Kurosaki [Single]
Ending Theme: Movie (Endymion no Kiseki)
"FIXED STAR" by Mami Kawada [Single]

Insert Song: Season 2
"Pray ~Inori~" by IKU
Insert Song: Movie (Endymion no Kiseki)
"Polaris" by Sachika Misawa [Single]

Image Song: Movie (Endymion no Kiseki)
"Shining Star-☆-LOVE Letter" by Yuka Iguchi [Single]

Original Soundtrack: Season 1
Vol.1 [Download]
Vol.2 [Download]

Original Soundtrack: Season 2
Vol.1 [Download]
Vol.2 [Download]

ARCHIVES I: Season 1
Vol.1 [Download]
Vol.2 [Download]
Vol.3 [Download]
Vol.4 [Download]

Vol.1 [Download]
Vol.2 [Download]
Vol.3 [Download]
Vol.4 [Download]

Toaru Majutsu no TV Songs
Toaru Majutsu no Index the Movie Original Soundtrack  

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