Digimon Savers

You could say that this anime starts out a little slow, with the meeting of the main character, Masaru, and Agumon (once more the main characters digimon) and the introduction of all the other characters that will later play a big part in the series. I had this anime on-hold at episode 14, and when I started it back up again, I became completely addicted to the series. Though I remember the beginning being slow (which is why I put it on-hold for such a long time), once I began watching it again I couldn't stop. I non-stopped watched the series and it's action-packed plot. The whole storyline mainly focuses on the 'main' main character, Masaru Daimon and his digimon with some of the side main character, Yoshino Fujieda and her digimon, Raramon, Touma Norstein and his digimon, Gaomon, as well as the later introduced character, Ikuto Noguchi and his digimon, Falcomon, as they all aim to help protect the Human World as well as the Digital World from both attacks from Digimon, and even other humans.
[Last updated: Oct 03, 2013]

Opening Theme:
#1: "Gou-ing! Going! My Soul!!" by Dynamite SHU [Instrumental Ver.] [Mix Ver.Download
#2: "Hirari" by Wada Kouji [Instrumental Ver.Download

Ending Theme:
#1: "One Star" by Ito Yousuke [Download]
#2: "Ryuusei" by MiyuMiyu [Download]

Evolution Theme:

Digimon Savers the Movie - Ultimate Power! Burst Mode Invoke!!
Ending Theme:
"Hirari" by Wada Kouji

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