Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 // 機動戦士ガンダム00 // Mobile Suit Gundam 00 
I admit it's a little hard to keep up with sometimes once you feel it start to drone on. Thankfully, it's not that long, and just long enough to get the point across. What interested me the most was a point that was shown through the relationship between Setsuna and Marina. Celestial Being is trying to eradicate war, as they say, but they are fighting to do that. That itself is a huge contradiction, one that isn't ignored by the characters themselves. Setsuna in particular I remember musing over it. Marina on the other hand seeks peace, creating a good-hearted light of hope in all of the violence. The whole thing is very realistic and that was a drawing point. This isn't an alternate universe, this is a version of an imagined future. If you can sit through some politics, enjoy having your morals questioned and are willing to keep an open mind, it's a fantastic series and I recommend it. As many have said- it's an excellent gundam series to start off with.

Last Updated: June 06, 2014

Opening Theme: Season 1
#1: "Daybreak's Bell" by L'Arc-en-Ciel [Single] Download
#2: "Ash Like Snow" by The Brilliant Green [Single[Download]
Opening Theme: Season 2
#1: "Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi" by UVERworld [Single] Download
#2: "Namida no Mukou" by Stereopony [Single] Download
Opening Theme: Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer-
"Tozasareta Sekai" by The Back Horn [Single] Download

Ending Theme: Season 1st
#1: "Wana" by The Back Horn [Single] Dowload
#2: "Friends" by Stephanie [Single] Download
Ending Theme: Season 2nd
#1: "Prototype" by Ishikawa Chiaki  [Single] Download
#2: "trust you" by Yuna Ito [Single[Download]
Ending Theme: Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer-
"Qualia" by UVERworld [Single] Download
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Special Edition Ending Theme
"i (ai)" by Mille Face Single [Download]

Insert Song: Season 1
"Love Today" by Taja  [SingleDownload
Insert Song: Season 2
"Tomorrow" by Ayumi Tsunematsu  [SingleDownload
"Unlimited Sky" by Tommy Heavenly6 [Download]

Image Song: Movie
"CHANGE" by UVERworld [Single] Download
"Mou Nanimo Kowakunai, Kowaku wa Nai" by Chiaki Ishikawa [SingleDownload 
Gundam 00 Complete Best 

Original Soundtrack:
Soundtrack Vol.1
Soundtrack Vol.2
Soundtrack Vol.3 
Soundtrack Vol.4
Gundam 00 Anthology Best Advocacy Of Congruity [CD 1] [CD 2]
Soundtrack Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer- [Download]

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Voice Actor Single: 
1 Mamoru Miyano come across Setsuna F · Seiei [Download]
2 Shin Ichiro come across Lockon Stratos [Download]
3 Hiroshi Kamiya come across Tieria Erde [Download]
4 Hiroyuki Yoshino come across Allelujah Haptism [Download]
5 Irino Miyu come across Saji Crossroad [Download]
6 Takagaki Ayahi come across Feldt Grace [Download]
7 Yuuichi Nakamura come Across Graham Eker  [Download] 

Gundam 00 Another Story 
Mission Story Mission 2306  Download
Cooperation 2312 [Download]
Road To 2307 [Download]
4 Months For 2312 [Download]
Gundam 00 Radio CD Celestial Station GN Particle Special 1 [Download]

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  1. awesome, this is my fav gundam series and one of my all time top animes

  2. Can you upload the violin-version of Take Off (From OST III, Track 11)... I remembered it played during the second season of Gundam 00, Episode 3.... Arigatou :-)

  3. sorry, wut is the password again? i cant extract it T_T