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Working'!! Season 2
There isnt much of a story really. Takanashi justs goes to work at a family restaurant full of weird and unique co-workers and takes it from there for the rest of the series. However even with the lack of a real story, Working!! makes up for easily with their characters. Even with the lack of plot, a handful of the characters were well done in the sense that they achieve what this anime was ment to do, to make us laugh. There were quite a bit of running gags, but still has more then enough to keep you watching. For an anime with very minimal plot, it does a very outstanding job in entertaining its viewers and is definitely worth watching.
{Last Updated: Dec 10, 2014}

Opening Theme:
"SOMEONE ELSE" by Popura Taneshima, Mahiru Inami, and Yachiyo Todoroki [Download]

Ending Theme:
#1: "Heart no Edge ni Idomou Go to Heart Edge" by Souta Takanashi, Jun Satou, and Souma Hiroomi
#2: "Golden Day" by Mahiru Inami (Saki Fujita) [Download] 

Bonus CD:
Vol. 1 Opening / Ending Single [Download]
Vol. 2 Original Soundtrack 1 [Download]
Vol. 5 Original Soundtrack 2 [Download]

Character Song Menu:
Menu 1 - Takanashi Souta (CV: Fukuyama Jun)
Menu 2 - Taneshima Poplar (CV: Asumi Kana)
Menu 3 - Inami Mahiru (CV: Saki Fujita )  
Menu 4 - Todoroki Yachiyo (CV: Kitamura Eri) Menu 5 - Hiroomi Souma (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya)
Menu 6 - Satou Jun (CV: Daisuke Ono) []
Menu 7 - Aoi Yamada (CV: Ryo Hirohashi)

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