{Last Updated: Mar 08, 2013}

Opening Theme:
1. "Live for Life ~Ookamitachi no yoru~" By Aimi [Download] [Single]
2. "Treasure!" by Katou Emiri [Download]

Ending Theme:
"Egao no Housoku" By Ise Mariya [Downlaod] [Instr. Ver.] [Single]

Insert Song:
Eps 01: Osakana Tengoku [Download]
Eps 01: Kyou mo Enjoy Ho-Ki Mart by Chiaki Kamoshida [Download]
Eps 02: Anata O Emi ~ ni Super Tokiwa [Download]
Eps 05: Iku yo! Ralph Store by Saaya Mizuno [Download]

Character Song: Treasure! [Download]
Original Soundtrack [Download]

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  1. Where are the download links of the openings?

  2. Before comment here, please read : "Don't be anonim, I won't reply your comment"

    Read that, I will not give U an answer.

  3. around when is the 3rd opening going to come out cos its also dead or alive but the lyrics are kinda different

  4. oh noooo¡¡¡ the OP and ED was deleted¡¡¡ can you please upload again those songs?!!! i really want it :-(¡¡ those song are amazing jeje¡¡¡

  5. Hello :) The download link for the insert song of Eps 05: Iku yo! Ralph Store by Saaya Mizuno is dead.