Digimon Frontier
To put it simply, the story line was overall good. Your everyday, rescue the Digital World from being destroyed plot line. There were many points that could be easily guessed as to the results of the ending as the story draws to a close, but it also includes its many surprise twists that will surprise you no matter how much you've been paying attention to the story and each and every detail. There are some points where I felt like it was just repeating the same thing over and over again and eventually it became quite boring since I could easily guess what the results were going to be. Though it wasn't to repetitive to the point that each and every detail was alike, but it was still at that level that it was a bit boring to watch through. 
[Last Updated: Jan 23, 2013]
re upload ED #2 ((Instrumental Ver.))

Opening Theme:
"FIRE!!" by Kouji Wada [Download]

Ending Theme:
#1: "Innocent ~Mujaki na Mama de~" by Kouji Wada [Instrumental Ver.] [Download]
#2: "An Endless Tale" by Kouji Wada & AiM [Instrumental Ver.] [Download]

Insert Song Evolution:
Evolution: The Last Element [Download]
Digimon frontier Theme [Download]
With the Will (TV mix) (BGM Ver.)

Digimon Music 100 Title Memorial Box 
Digimon Frontier Original Soundtrack [DL]

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