Description: Mayo Chiki! Original Soundtrack
Original Title: 「まよチキ!」オリジナルサウンドトラック
Released: August 24, 2011
Catalog No. KICA-3159
File Size: 164 MB (320kbps)
Mayo Chiki OST
Track List:
01. Be Starters! (TV Size)
02. Ojo-Sama, Oyobidegozaimasu ka.
03. Marry-san no hitsuji
04. Lovely
05. Kazoku no Nukumori
06. End of The Earth
07. See Kindness
08. Subaru no Kokoro no Naka
09. Yume no Hitsuji
10. Shitsuji no Shigoto
11. Mayoeru Hitsuji, Get away.
12. Wagaya no Ojo-Sama
13. Ura wagaya no Ojo-Sama
14. Ochi no nai hanashi
15. Strategy or Shine!
16. Fuon,,,,, ka na?
17. Dark Oh! Shitsuji Nakkuru
18. Date Biyori
19. Hakanaki yume
20. Higeki kara no jounetsu
21. No Trick
22. Adult Image
23. Yuugure ni omou
24. Fukuzatsuna jijou
25. Even if you know Moraenai
26. Chicken chivalrous spirit
27. Toumeina namida
28. Kienai kizu
29. Ayashii sasayaki
30. Shadow
31. Seikai wa?
32. Red Feather way
33. Barebarena uso
34. Catch-22
35. Happiness
36. Eye Catch A
37. Eye Catch B
38. Flower
39. Kimi ni go hōshi (TV Size)

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