Rio ~ Rainbow Gate! ~
[Last Updated: 30th, 2012]
Rio's story is, as expected, dreadfully terrible. Our leading character is Rio, a popular dealer and kind of the mascot of the casino she works in, Howard Resort. Apparently she has some kind of power that gives people luck and causes them to win when she’s around. You can understand why the casino patrons would enjoy having her around but I never could for the life of my figure out why the casino owner himself would. The setting in Rainbow Gate is a whimsical and over the top look into the casino world. Nothing in this anime is really meant to be taken seriously and everything, at least early on, revolves around putting Rio into embarrassing outfits and playing ridiculous games. Honestly, if the series had just stuck with this slice of life type formula it might have been tolerable to watch.

Opening Theme:
#1: "Sekai to Issho ni Mawarou yo! (世界と一緒にまわろうよ!)" by Love Roulettes [Download]

(Rio Solo Ver.) || (Rina Solo Ver.) || (Mint Solo Ver.)

Ending Theme:
Miracle☆Chance by ULTRA-PRISM [TV Size] [Full Ver.] [Instrumental Ver.]

Original Soundtrack:
Rio - Rainbow Gate! OST 1 
Rio - Rainbow Gate! OST 2 

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