Description: Science Adventure Dance Remix Chaos; Head & Steins; Gate
Original Title: Science Adventure Dance Remix「CHAOS;HEAD」「STEINS;GATE」by いとうかなこ、ファンタズム (FES cv.榊原ゆい)、nao、アフィリア・サーガ・イースト
Released: September 21, 2011
Catalog No. FVCG-1173
File Size: 166 MB (w/ BK)
Password: sadr#anime-mp3
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

Track List:
01. Skyclad no Kansokusha (OP XBOX 360 Steins;Gate)
02. Find the blue (OP PC Chaos;HEad)
03. Desire Blue sky (ED PC Chaos;HEad)
04. fake me (OP XBOX 360 Chaos;HEad Noah)
05. Fetishism Ark (OP PSP Chaos;HEad Noah)
06. F.D.D.(OP Anime Chaos;HEad)
07. A.R. (PC Steins;Gate)
08. Mikkyou no Kubikazari (XBOX 360 Chaos;HEad Noah)
09. Haritsuke no Misa
10. Synchro-shiyou yo (OP XBOX 360 Chaos;HEad Chu Chu!)
11. Flag ni Tateyou yo (OP PSP Chaos;HEad Chu Chu!)
12. La*La*La Labolution (OP XBOX 360 Steins;Gate)
13. Gate of Steiner
14. Uchuu Engineer (OP PSP Steins;Gate)
15. Hacking to the Gate (OP Anime Steins;Gate)

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