This blog about Free Download full Openings / Opening [op] and Endings / Ending [Ed] anime Another you don’t have to register or pay to download. It’s easy and free.But if you find several link don`t work or the file was deleted, tell me please and back here about one week later, you will get that songs could be to download. Contact me if you are going to request the other version from opening or ending this anime. Example: karaoke version, instrumental version, TV size version, Character single, main theme, or BMG of this anime. I respond seriously with all your comment and request. Free download music/songs(mp3) ost.Anime _-_ Please share this article to Facebook or Twitter, and like it in FACEBOOK. Don't forget to come back here again.

{Last Updated: Jan 08, 2013}

Opening Theme:
"Kyoumu Densen" by ALI PROJECT [Single]

Ending Theme:
"anamnesis" by Annabel [Single]

Character Songs Party [Album]
Original Soundtrack Vol. 1

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  1. lol,, ya gk bisa animenya aja blum keluar....

  2. huuuaa..... i love this hope this can be download kwkwakw enakan 1/2 1/2 ngomongnya :P

  3. Anyone know when is the ost coming out??

  4. animenya udah complete gan..
    kami tunggu ost2nya..

  5. It's marked as completed... is there no original soundtrack for another?

  6. Here is the Another's original Soundtrack. I never know that it comes as bonus CD in DVD Vol. 5

  7. gw dh nonton smua,.... cuma 12 eps..
    tpi sadis kali

  8. Thx for the Soundtrack..
    anyway, are the staff here are indonesian ?
    if so, i didn't see any clue about it on the website except from comments.. nice web !

    once more
    Arigato Gozaimasu ~

    1. Yes we are, I am as the President here also from Indonesia. Do you realize it?

  9. ada yg tau gk anime yg lbih tradis lagi -_- neh kurang mnarik -_-

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.