Daisuke Niwa Angel
The reason that this anime is so great is the innocence and purity of the romance. Most animes lack this, in fact every other anime I have seen doesn't come close to this. Now this could be because I haven't seen enough romance animes, but D.N. Angel touched me in such a way that still leaves me impacted, one year after viewage. Its actually a very simple story, but its this simplicity that makes it beautiful to watch. To boil it down to the essentials, its just a story about a boy who is confused about love. As the story progresses, he slowly finds his way, and begins to understand more about his life. I am definitely going to have to rewatch this anime when I run out (like that's gonna happen...). But this anime has something that others lack, and its probably its ability to draw the viewer deep into the romance, and you can really see and develop feelings and attitudes during the episodes. Please, you don't want to miss D.N. Angel for the world.
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2014

Opening Theme:
"Byakuya ~True Light~" by Shunichi Miyamoto

Ending Theme:
#1: "Yasashii gogo" by Minawo
#2: "Hajimari no hi" by Minawo
#3: "Caged Bird" by Shunichi Miyamoto
#4: "Michishirube" by Shunichi Miyamoto

D.N.Angel - Vocal Collection [FS | MF | 4S]

Original Soundtrack:
Vol.1 [Download]
Vol.2 [Download]

Drama CD: 
1. Wink 1st Target Sleeping Beauty [Embed | CL]
2. Wink 2nd Target: Lovesick [Embed | TF]
3. Wink 3rd Target : Love Pleasure [Embed | SB]

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