Desciption: Guilty Crown Animation Original Soundtrack (OST) + Insert
Original Title:  「ギルティクラウン」オリジナルサウンドトラック
Released: Jan 25, 2012
Catalog No. SVWC-7817

File Size: 196 MB (320kbps + BK)
Last reupload: 20 Aug 2013

Track List:
01 βίος (bios) by Mika Kobayashi
02 α (alpha)
03 Ω (omega)
04 Ready to Go by David Whitaker
05 friends by mpi
06 VOiD
07 gエ19 (ge19)
08 θεοι (theoi)
09 close your eyes by Michiyo Honda
10 Βασιλευζ (Basileus)
11 π (phi)
12 Release My Soul by Aimee
13 κrOnё (krone)
14 Hill Of Sorrow by mpi
15 Αποκσλυψιζ (APOCALYPSE)
16 Home~this corner~ by Leina
17 Genesi§
18 βιοζ-δ (bios-delta) by Mika Kobayashi
19 Rё∀L (Real) by Cyua

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  1. where can i download this... atleast i found the altername of the tracklist :P

  2. Can I just say that this OST soundtrack is completely badass?!?

  3. why can't i download it ..... it's already jan. 25, still not available.. i can't wait for it....

  4. where can I bought it from the Internet??
    want it too..

  5. It's epic coz it's by Sawano Hiroyuki, who also composed for Ao no Exorcist's OST ^_^

  6. thank you very much, I'm very happy listen this music~~ T_T

  7. these songs make my heart beat faster, by the way say hello from indonesia

  8. Flawless Original Soundtrack!!!!! 5 out of 5 !!!!!!! Starting from βίος, every tracks have their own uniqueness ^_^ My favorite one is Release My Soul. This one from Guilty Crown ending fits the scene. It broke my heart. T_T

  9. Guilty crown is really really broke my heart. I can't belive it, see that painfull ending T_T
    ohh, Inori-chann.. whyy???? ToT

  10. best OST by mika kobayashi

  11. i had the Full Album but got new comp and old one got reseted Wonder if i can find a download @ Whole Album again :D Love it <3