Inu X Boku SS
Inu X Boku Secret Service // 妖狐×僕SS
Having read the manga prior to watching the anime, I can say that this was a faithful adaption with a couple of original episodes added in. I indulged more in the characters than in the story for the most part which, although not necessarily a bad thing, is slightly disappointing. To be honest, I wasn't quite satisfied with Inu x Boku SS. I felt like it could've been better if more chapters were to have been adapted. With that being said, the possibility of a season two, which I will anxiously wait for, is moderately high given the decent popularity of the show and the remaining non-animated source material. The good thing about Inu x Boku SS is that it has both shōjo and shōnen elements so I would recommend it to virtually anyone looking for a light-hearted romantic comedy with interesting characters. 
{Last Updated: May 26, 2014}

Opening Thene:
"Nirvana" by MUCC [Single]

Ending Theme (in Eps):
01. Nirvana by MUCC
02. Rakuen no Photograph Soushi Miketsukami [Instrumental]
03. Kimi wa  Ririchiyo Shirakiin [Instrumental]
04. One Way  Zange Natsume
05. SM Hantei Forum  Kagerou Shoukiin [Off Vocal]
06. Sweets Parade Karuta Roromiya
07. Taiyou to Tsuki  Sorinozuka & Yukinokouji
08. Kimi wa by Ririchiyo Shirakiin
09. Rakuen no Photograph by Soushi Miketsukami
10. SM Hantei Forum by Kagerou Shoukiin
11. Nirvana by MUCC
12. Nirvana by MUCC

Bonus CD:
CD 1 - Ending Song Vol. 1 [Sample]
CD 2 - Original Soundtrack 1 [Sample]
CD 3 - Ending Song Vol. 2 [Sample]
CD 4 - Radio do Shoukashi [Sample]
CD 5 - Ending Song Vol. 3 [Sample]
CD 6 - Original Soundtrack 2 [Sample]
CD 7 - Drama CD [Sample]

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  1. Kyaa~~!! I wanna live in that anime!! XDD I can't wait for the CD!! >w<

  2. Nirvana Full Version by MUCC [320Kbps;48kHz]
    Download here :

  3. i want the soundtrack of this .... when will it come out?

  4. instrumental version of nirvana is needed for a project of mine

    1. you can check their single, instrumental version doesn't released.

    2. Is it possible to get the version of Nirvana that actually plays in the Anime(the cut/edited/whatever version of that)?

  5. Guuh, can't wait for full version of Sweet Parade >_<!

  6. OMFG the first few seconds of TAIYOU NO TSUKI!!! JSut made me squeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllll so much x3

  7. Thank you! Gracias :D

    CD 4 - Radio do Shoukashi is dead already.

  8. Really where are the episodes?

  9. I hope that they enjoy the anime series "Inu x Boku SS" and i love this anime series for me.