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Nyan Koi!
Nyan Koi is more than your average pet-talking anime! Produced by AIC, it should come as no surprise if Nyan Koi manage to remind viewers of another “semi” AIC production known as Seto no Hanayome. Both are considered rom-com harem and they share many common traits in my humble opinion. Thus it is very tempting to make comparisons between them, but I will restrain myself to the best of my ability to not do so too often in the review. characters in Nyan Koi all contributed in their own unique way. However one thing that seems lacking is the character growth for the “slightly less important” characters. We certainly witnessed development to Junpei as a character, but other equally important characters like Kanako could have had more screen time for development. Anyhow, I understand that it can be very difficult for a short 12 episodes series to have much development for its second class heroes, but it has been done before in many shows. Thus in that regard, Nyan Koi may be a bit unsatisfactory.   The animation style is mostly refreshing and unique, but once a while there will be scenes that look rather similar to Seto no Hanayome (not the art, but the technique used to create certain atmosphere). Although not a masterpiece level in terms of animation, there isn’t much that one can truly complain about. Smooth scene transition? Check. Non-repetitive scene usage? Check. Consistent animation quality? Check. Well drawn, well animated characters and pets? Check. The animation certainly is one of the stronger points of the show.
[Last Updated: Oct 10th, 2013]

Opening Theme:
"Nyanderful!" by Yui Sakakibara

Ending Theme:
"Strawberry~Amaku Setsunai Namida~" by Asami Imai 

Insert Song:
1."Neko Neko Ondo" by Yui Sakakibara
2."Beni Jinkyou Michi" by Asami Imai

Nyan Koi! Original Soundtrack

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