Toriko Character song Collection
Description: Character song compilation album, including all character songs from anime Toriko
Released: Dec 21, 2011
Catalog No. COCX-37132
File Size: 65 MB (192kbps + BK)
Download: 4S | TF | MC)
Password: anime-mp3
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2014

Track List
01 Fight and Eat!! by Toriko
02 Poison Teller by Sakurai Shinichi
03 Ari En Hodo Beauty by Sunny
04 Chef!! by Gutch Yuzo
05 Masshiroki Honoo by Kushida Akira
06 Ai... King by Ishida Mihoko
07 Ring Ring by Rin
08 Gourmet Telexistence Robot by MTR
09 The predator by MTR
10 1 Gram Dake no Miracle by Tina
11 Guts Guts!! by Kushida Akira

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