Black★Rock Shooter 
It was absolutely unpredictable for me. Maybe, people who watched OVA can find some spoilers in it, but I think that scenario is great. It's quite interesting story about hurting, friendship and parallel world. Actually, "Black Rock Shooter" has two or even three parallel plots.
{Last Updated: Aug 03, 2014}

Opening Theme: "Black★Rock Shooter" by supercell feat. Hatsune Miku [Download]
Ending Theme: "Bokura no Ashiato" by supercell [Download] 
Insert Song: Bokura no Ashiato (Piano Ver.)

BlackRock Shooter PSP Game Theme Song [Single]
Black Rock Shooter The Game Limited Soundtrack [Album]
Original Soundtrack TV Series La Storia  [Download]
Original Soundtrack Game [Download]

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  1. wogh.. ED nya lama ya tanggal 7 maret baru ada >,< padahal suka bener neh gw lagu nya

  2. huaa.... like OP and ED theme song its cool :D

  3. wow now i like hatsune mikus voice ^w^

  4. Tolong ReUpload yg TV Series nya dong min, kagak bisa didownload tuh.

  5. do u have bokura no ashiato pf ver? it's actually a digital single of supercell.
    Check here for details and the mora link: http://vgmdb.net/album/36240
    and there u go (this is a request ^^).

    I just amazed with ur collection and just request some forgotten things.
    sorry to be anonymous... T A T

  6. Do you have Bokura no Ashiato (僕らのあしあと)" by supercell not in Singe Album? If you have, please upload it, onegaishimasu

    1. Click title song in this page:

  7. gan,lagu OP BRS-nya ada yang versi Project Diva F-nya enggak ? yang dishare disini itu versi mix-nya

    yang versi project diva lagunya kaya gini : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObIa9wXbyMQ , suara mikunya agak beda gitu.

    Trims sebelumnya

    1. I dont trust Youtube, sorry. Do u have URL to CDjapan or Amazon, or animate or in playasia?

    2. do you watch BRS anime ? i hope you watch it. and then,do you notice OP from anime and the song in your site in kinda different ? (i believe the song in this site is "2M mix" version or something like that) nah,i wonder if you have the song like from the OP.

    3. I did but only 3 eps.
      I dont care which version, I only care about official Released of dat CD. So far I know this song in Supercell's album (http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/MHCL-1496).
      Track #4: ブラック★ロックシューター .

      I can make another version more than 3 version, depends how many I want then upload it in youtube. How can we trust youtube?

      Black Rock Shooter (2M mix Ver.) in which CD?
      PLease, only trust official CD release, dude.

    4. i think the 2M mix version is from this album (because i downloaded it) : http://www.anime-mp3.com/2012/11/supercell-supercell-feat-hatsune-miku.html

      about youtube,that video just some reference,because the miku voice in the BRS anime OP same with in the video . i just asking if you have it or not,if you have,i hope you can upload it,if not, i don't mind,maybe i'll try harder to find it via google

    5. ah nevermind,my friend have the BRS song what i looking for. Thanks for your answer !

    6. Main reason why I ask you about dat CD because I can search easily it in my folder according catalog Number, so I dont know whether I have it or not. Okay no problem. De nada (spanish) :D

  8. It would be great if we could add "Bokura no Ashiato (Piano ver.)" here
    I could only find 160kbps version after searching for a while
    catalog number is: SRXX-0650

    1. http://www.anime-mp3.com/2014/08/bokura-no-ashiato-piano-ver.html