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Eureka Seven AO focuses too much on the action. In the previous series, there was drama and love. I know most of you will think to yourself "mecha animes aren't suppose to have any drama or love, just action" but the drama in Eureka Seven was what made the series. It made you love the two main characters, Renton and Eureka. But in Astral Ocean, you don't have the same connection with Ao.

The story of the show is still strong, it's very mysterious. There are new entities called Secrets attacking the unnatural beings known as Scub Corals. There is a man named "Truth" who is trying to reveal the truth to the world (sorry if that sounded repetitive) and he is the shows main antagonist. There is Naru who was Ao's best friend who decided to go total whack on Ao one day and follow the main bad guy. And there is the mystery behind of "what happened to Eureka and Renton?"
[Last Updated Dec 02nd, 2012]
uploaded second OST by Musica-san.

Opening Theme:
1. "Escape" by Hemenway [Single]
2. "Brave Blue" (ブレイブルー) by FLOW [Single]

Ending Theme:
1. "stand by me" by Stereopony [Download] [Single]
2. "Iolite" (アイオライト) by joy [Single]

Original Soundtrack:
Eureka Seven AO Original Soundtrack 1
Eureka Seven AO Original Soundtrack 2

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  1. 2nd OP please, upload soon!

  2. 2nd ED song please...
    Iolite by Joy.. (full vers)

  3. Think you could get the second opening and ending?

  4. I appreciate that you guys released the full version of Iolite, but what happened to the rest of the single?

  5. Yang Paralel Sign By LAMA dah keluar lom, min?

    sama yang judulnya Seven Swell??

    Pengen o.o