There are lots of websites focusing on the same thing like we do- Anime music and Japan. We are still a growing community. Our goal is to be known world-wide and that every anime fan know our name. Do you want to work with us? Be our partner. Put our link at your website and we will do the same for you.

1. J-MP3
The best website Japan Music

2. Anime and Jpop WorLd
it's ALL About Anime and Jpop

Sheet musics from anime, dorama, games, and Japanese movies.

4. japanfans-all
Just All Info and Share (All article use Bahasa)

5. AnimeNepal
Anime site for FREE Anime Games, Wallpapers and Chitchats.

6. Film Korean
A website about Synopsis Korean Film, use Bahasa and English

7. Benjicuerdo
A channel in Dailymotion, Provide various anime raw to watch online also has music in his playlist and more.

8. Anime Takara
Free Download Mini Encoded Anime 60 MB - 90 MB.

9. animejpang
Content some anime music and good article.

10. InternetSekai
Free Download Anime Subtitle Indonesia, Watch Anime Streaming, And Download Soundtrack Anime

"Anime reviews and news in czech. Anime charts in english by Zana (Neregate) with our recommendation. Recommended links and global online player with anime openings, ending and extended OST. Facebook page with pictures, shared content from other sites and youtube videos."

13. shinyhaxanime 
14. resha143abs: Random Boredom
15. Film Jepang

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  4. Hello, i want to know why the password for white album soundtrack cannot be used as when i extract it says corrupt file or wrong password.

    1. make sure you write it correctly, and if you copy-paste, make sure (+space) doesnt include in your copied.

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      I was born in Indonesia, but currently live in Hongkong.

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