Ginga e Kickoff!!
We already have Area no Kishi and Inazuma Eleven. But this series is different from both. It has its own plot and own way of showing the world of soccer. Since this is a sport anime, there are few thins you don't want to expect. But I think you should give this series a chance. The story involve a boy, who's team was disbanded, looking for new teammates. He searches for new teammates and meets a girl. He wants to regroup and revive his old team. But the anime just started so let the story develop more. The opening, "Across My World" by Knotlamp, is very good and suites the anime. the soundtracks are nice so is the ending, "Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji" by Fudanjuku. So far the characters are amazing. The main character, Shou is a persistent guy who is loud, active and cheerful. The main girl character Erika is also another great character. She is from Osaka, good at soccer and very cheerful. The characters are still being introduced to the series little by little, but so far they are awesome. If you are looking to watch a sports anime, go ahead and start the series. Even with two other soccer anime on going,this series is not bad. I think this one is also good as the other ones. I have enjoyed the first three episodes and still watching. And overall, it is a great series that won't disappoint you. So give this series a chance.
Last Updated: April 02, 2014

Opening Theme:
"Across my world" by knotlamp

Ending Theme:
1. "Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji" by FUDANJUKU
2. "Jinsei wa haha" by FUDANJUKU

Character Song Album:
1. Standard Number Hen [Download]
2. Mitsugo no Akuma Hen [Download]
3. Idol Hen [Download]
4. Momoyama Predator Hen [Download]

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