Hyou-ka // Hyouka: You can't escape // Hyoka // 氷菓 
The soundtrack of the series is smooth that is well coordinated. When a mystery case scene is presented, the soundtrack flows. When a comedy scene (usually involving our curious girl Eru Chitanda), an OST of rhythm is played. Even when Oreki is bored, it shows that he really is bored through the soundtrack. Talk about unenthusiastic. The two opening songs are also well orchestrated in the series. The first OP song, "Yasashisa no Riyuu" by Choucho presents a smooth flowing song that gives us a lighthearted feeling of Hyouka. The second OP song "Mikansei Stride” by Saori Kodama presents a more humorous way of the series with Oreki peeking around with curiosity himself. (somewhat similar to Medaka Box's Opening). And of course, the ED songs are also there to make us feel the mystery. Well, not exactly. The first ED song seems to be quite naughty to say the least. Chitanda and Mayaka in those curious positions?! Turn that imagination bulb ON. The second ED song though fits more within the mystery genre and is generally entertaining to watch.
{Last Updated: Oct 16, 2014}

Opening Theme:
#1 "Yasashisa no Riyuu" by Choucho
#2 "Mikansei Stride" by Saori Kodama [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Ending Theme:
#1 "Madoromi no Yakusoku" by Satou Satomi & Kayano [TV Size] [Full Ver.]
#2 "Kimi ni Matsuwaru Mystery" by Satomi Satou & Ai Kayano [Download] [Single]

Insert Song (eps #12):
"Hitori" by The Gospellers
"Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto [Japan Ver.] [English Ver.]

Original Drama:
CD 1 [Download]
CD 2 [Download]

Net Radio [Download]

Bonus CD: Original Soundtrack & Audio Drama
Bonus CD 01 [Download]
Bonus CD 02 [Download]
Bonus CD 03 [Download]
Bonus CD 04 [Downlaod]
Bonus CD 05 [Download]
Bonus CD 06 [Download]
Bonus CD 07 [Download]
Bonus CD 08 [Download]
Bonus CD 09 [Download]
Bonus CD 10 [Download]
Bonus CD 11 [Download]

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  1. minta yg madoromi no yakusoku yg full ver donk..

  2. can you tell me please what's the password for the net radio so I can download it please.

  3. Please upload the second ending kini ni matsuwaru mystery

  4. can anyone tell me the name of the ost played during episode 20 after he explains about nobuna? plz help

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    1. in every Hyouka's bonus CD consist of Original Soundtrack, Drama, & Talk .

  6. terima kasih admin :D izin ya smuanya di masukin ke laptop ane :D

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    1. I am sorry for the delay in my response.



    2. Ok, Thank you. I don't know when we will upload this CD. But we will share it if we have it.

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    1. Please read "How to download" in this page:

  9. Kecantol ama lagu 'Sukiyaki', bwehehehehe.. Langsung sedoooot >_< Thanks..