Kimi to Boku. 2

君と僕 // You and Me 
The story is rather laid back, not too complex. It doesn't focus on about saving the world, helping a friend in dire distress, or even falling in love (that's not to say that there aren't any sweet dilemmas present). It's a slice of life that revolves around the theme of growing up and friendships that grow along with one's stature. And yes, the story revolves around 4 (then 5) males. At first, one feels like this could NEVER be anything but yaoi (male on male anime/manga), but it is anything but that. Instead, Kimi to Boku brings a new light on a what could be an "over-done" subject. Poetic prose seasons the the memories of the various protagonists who wistfully (and sometimes regretfully) reminisce the past, their experiences more than 10 years ago still having strong influences and ties to what is happening at the "now" of their life. If it was meant to be exciting, this anime is not that great. It would deserve those careless sixes and sevens and be overshadowed by better shows. But it seems the artist wants to do something else. What else is there to life besides head-pounding, heart-rushing battle? Simple, sweet, everyday life. A cup of tea with friends. Fretting over school and girls. It's these underestimated yet precious, precious things that one can only miss once they are over and nought but memories. Kimi to Boku brings wistfulness in a curious way, and stokes the fires of the heart. If anything, it's real art.
{Last Updated: Mar 08, 2014}

Opening Theme: Season 1
Bye Bye by 7!! (Seven Oops) [Download] [Single]
Opening Theme: Season 2
"Zutto" by Tomohisa Sako [Download] [Single]

Ending Theme: Season 1
Nakimushi by Miku Sawai [Download] [Single]
Ending Theme: Season 2
"Kimi to Boku no Banka" by Yuu Sakai [Download] [Single]

Insert Song: Season 1
Eps 01: Sora by Ryunosuke Matsushita (CV: Aoi Shouta) [Download]
Eps 02: Candy by Aoi Shouta [Download]
Eps 05: Graffiti by Aoi Shouta [Download]
Eps 07: Tomorrow by Aoi Shouta [Download]
Eps 10: Over by Aoi Shouta [Download]
Insert Song: Season 2
Aqua by Aoi Shouta [Download]
March by Aoi Shouta

Bonus CD: Season 1
Vol. 1 - no Bonus CD
CD 2 - Character Song Matsuoka Shun
CD 3 - Drama CD ~Summer Time Home Work~
CD 4 - Insert Song
CD 5 - Original Soundtrack 1 & Insert Song
CD 6 - Character Song Yuuki & Yuuta

Bonus CD: Season 2
CD 1 - Character Song Tsukahara Kaname
Vol. 2 - no Bonus CD
CD 3 - Character Song Yuuki & Yuuta
CD 4 - Original Soundtrack 2 & Insert Song
CD 5 - Character Song Tachibana Chizuru 
Vol. 6 - no Bonus CD

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