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Naruto SD
watching the series is very entertaining and in my opinion, hilarious. The opening and endings are both very adorable and fun to listen to. The little stories that are in each episode can range from the theme of love to the importance of friendship. They have even poke fun at the anime from time to time. I believe that if you are a true fan of the Naruto franchise and you are looking for a good laugh, you should try to watch this series. Keep in mind, however, there are some people who watch the show and do not find it funny at all. So try it out and see how you feel about it. That's all.
{Last Updated: Mar 24, 2013}

Opening Theme:
1. "Give Lee Give Lee Rock Lee" by ANIMETAL USA and Hironobu Kageyama [Single]
2. "Love Song" by OKAMOTO'S

Ending Theme:
1. "Twinkle Twinkle" by Secret [Single]
2. "Go! Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee" by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku [Single]
3. "Daijoubu Bokura'' by RAM WIRE [Single]
4. "Icha Icha Chu Chu Kyappi Kyappi Love Love Suri Suri Doki Doki" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY [Album]

Original Soundtrack [Download]

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  1. Terima kasih! I've been looking for this :)

  2. i love this ending song, hope to download full ^^ any way thanks!

  3. makasih ya gan , klo bisa ada yg full version tolong di share juga,. hehe,,

  4. The soundtrack of the anime series Naruto SD will be release it next month, and i hope that you like this soundtrack for me.

  5. I can't wait for the OST of the anime series Naruto SD on the mp3 files. No problem, I'm waiting for it.

  6. makasi :)
    I've been searching this song for a long long time. And now I've found it!
    Terima kasih

  7. Replies
    1. Tau judulnya gak? , sekalian sama ending ke-3. Pengen aku update halaman ini.

  8. gan, yg "Love Song" by OKAMOTO'S kapan ni release nya?

  9. I love this spin-off of Naruto and i love to watch for it.

  10. I can´t find this theme song of Orochimaru on the OST from Naruto SD...

  11. Naruto SD ending theme 4 TV size version, please help to upload on it.

  12. When will opening 2 and ending 4 be released?

  13. Naruto SD Ending Theme 4 single "Icha Icha Chu Chu Kyappi Kyappi Love Love Suri Suri Doki Doki" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Release date: Feb. 06, 2013)

  14. hey guys thanks for the sound track and all but i was wandering do you know of orochimaru's theme like when its cute

  15. Just curious about when OP 2 will be uploaded, I can't find it anywhere and the single has been out since last year.

    Thank You In Advance!

    1. I also cannot find it even in other forum and ask my fren, no LUCK .