Phantom Breaker is described as a simple fighting game with easy controls but sophisticated tactics. In other words, it's a game that beginners can pick up and play but has enough depth to draw in hardcore fighting game fans. Sounds like a keeper already. Ten fighters are selectable and each girl can choose to perform "quick" attacks or "hard" attacks during the character selection process. Quick smacks are fast and impact only a little damage while hard attacks can be countered by the opponent but do a lot more damage. In addition to the regular edition, a limited edition of Phantom Breaker is available for preorder which includes a bonus Soundtrack CD and an alternate game jacket. 

Phantom Breaker Special Soundtrack

File Size: 166 MB (320kbps + scanS)
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Credits: Raphael

 Track List
01 The Last Judgement (Short Ver.) 1:47
02 Title Screen BGM 0:38
03 Proper Players Who Select - Player Select Screen BGM 1:22
04 Deep Duelist - VS Screen BGM 0:08
05 Mikoto price of desire [MIKOTO] Theme 3:24
06 Maho Maho Mei ♪ Step Up [MEI] Theme 2:48
07 Fate of juvenile [WAKA] Theme
08 Genealogy of covert citrus fruit leaves [YUZUHA] Theme 4:23
09 Shadow Mist garbage collection [M] Theme 3:22
10 Catharsis lotus fist [REN] Theme 4:53
11 Stochastic time night-time [TOKIA] Theme 3:10
12 Fallen Angel of Revenge [RIA] Theme 3:54
13 Mon only dream crusher [ITSUKI] Theme 3:40
14 I heart the nails in Xenia [COCOA] Theme 3:49
15 Howling Infinite Infinity [INFINITY] Theme 3:45
16 Schroedinger's cat fin [FIN] Theme 5:02
17 Without the right depth for deco [RIMI] Theme 3:33
18 Beyond the world line-GATE OF STEINER-Kurisu [KURISU] Theme 5:54
19 Interrupt your fight 0:06
20 screen distortion of space-time wish and win [WIN] 0:10
21 Continue to the end countdown [CONTINUE?] 0:41
22 GAME OVER 0:16
23 Name Index to those who lost the illusion 1:38
24 usually time2.0 Story Prussian day BGM 2:19
25 Night lights disappearing Story Patina BGM 1:47
26 Fear of dark mystery Story Incitement BGM 2:18
27 Struck fear Story Scavenger BGM 1:54
28 When the battle against conflict Story BGM 2:25
29 Loss by death Story BGM 1:20
30 Fateful Actor(Short Ver.) 1:42

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