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Three years after the events of "Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream," Aira, Mion and Rizumu have grown up and tutor a new group of aspiring idols: Karin, Reina, Mia and Ayami, who form the Prizmmy☆. Teenage girls from Korea, named Somin, Shiyoon, Haein, Chaekyung and Jae Eun (who are the PURETTY), appear as a rival group. 
(Last Updated: June 14, 2013}

Opening Theme:
1. "Dear My Future ~Mirai no Jibun e~" by Prizmmy☆ [Single]
2. "BRAND NEW WORLD!!" by Prizmmy☆ [Single]
3. "Life is Just a Miracle ~Ikiteru tte Subarashii~" by Prizmmy☆ [Album]
4. "Panpina" by Prizmmy☆ [SB \ TF]

Ending Theme:
1# "my Transform" by Prizmmy☆ [Single]
2# "Cheki Love" by PURETTY [Single]
3# "Body Rock" by Prizmmy☆ [Single]
4# "Shuwa Shuwa Baby" by PURETTY [SB \ TF]

Insert Song:
Eps 06: Party Driver by Prizmmy☆
Eps 09: Summer Day by Prizmmy☆
Eps 12: Ez Do Dance by Dream5
Eps 12: LolitA☆Strawberry in summer by Tokyo Girls' Style [Single]

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My future Original Soundtrack:
Prism☆Music Collection DX [Download]

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  1. excuse me, can I request the pretty rhythm aurora rising ED title Everybody`s gonna be happy, please?

    1. Owh, I forgot about last ending theme. Thank you because told me regarding this anime. I have upload it.

    2. When will you guys upload Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live songs? :)

  2. can you upload the single of brand new world by prizmmy their song is release, and it's op2 of pretty rhythm dear my future, but this op2 will appear in pretty rhythm dear my future on august 2012..pls can you uplaod it.

  3. Hello,

    please could you upload "que sera" by mars they sang it during the symphonia cup and I would really like it on my playlist.

    Many Thanks



    1. for insert song usually in OST, but I still don't know when the ost will released.

  4. where is the link for body rock? and do u know anything about the ost or the full versions of que sera and serenon & kanames song?

  5. Pretty Rhythm Music Collection Dear My Future prism ☆ DX

  6. I love this site. Here are all the songs from my favorite anime. And "Pretty Rhythm: Dear my future" is so cool. I found it on Google since 20/03/13 last album "Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future - Prism Music Collection" came out. Here are all the songs from "Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future" on 2 CDs in it. I hope that the whole album also comes in here. Then I can finally hear all the songs from the anime. Apologies if the English sucks. Since I can not speak English, I'll have the complete text translate with Google Translate. But I have long wanted to write once "Anime Mp3" how much I love this site. Arigatou, for the many wonderful songs from the anime.

  7. Replies

  8. Hi!
    Thanks the uploads! I really love the Pretty Rhythm series!
    Can you upload the Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live first ending single? (By Prism☆Box - RainBowxRainBow and released on 2013.04.24.)

    1. I hope can upload it. I also awaiting for that song :)

  9. excuse me ? can you upload the songs from pretty rhythm rainbow live please ?