[ViV: ViP Visitors]
Many visitors here wishes that they are can become V_V but they don't have account bank or bla bla bla.
So, the only one way you can become a ViV is submitting to us a single or Album. Please read this carefully:

Q: How can I become ViV without donate?
A: Please read these:
1. You can be ViV forever if you submitting single, at least 4 singles.
2. You can be ViV who can get 1 password if you submitting one Album or one Original Soundtrack.

Q: Ok, I will submitting single (or) album (or) OST but which file should I upload for you?
A: Please read Wish List below.

Looking for Single / Album / OST

Wish List:
  1. Sakamichi no Apollon OST [V.A]
  2. Sakamichi no Apollon OST: Outtakes
  3. Drama CD 3 Junjou Romantica: Junjou Terrorist
  4. SKET DANCE Character Song Album: Kyaratto Dance
  5. SKET DANCE Character Song Album: "Kyaratto Dance" Girl's Side 
  6. The Prince of Tennis II Original Soundtrack 
  7. Totsugeki Rock by The Cro-magnons [Single
  8. (Will updated soon)

Q: can I upload single (or) album (or) OST which not written in list above?
A: It depends, (recommended) you contact us.

Q: I have one of them, then what should I do?
A:  Please upload it in MF or JF, then give us Direct Download Link (contact us).
Note: You must add text in that folder which its content is: "Special upload for www.anime-mp3.com by your_name"

Q: If in the future I  have question regarding this topic, what should I do?
A: Leave comment here or contact us.

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