Boku no Taiyou is AKB48's fifth single. Boku no Taiyou was used as the opening theme for the anime Deltora Quest, and Mirai no Kajitsu was used as the theme song for KBC Water and Green Campaign 2007. First press edition came with an alternate cover and a Deltora Quest sticker. Copies of the single sold at the AKB48 theatre also came with a random, one of a kind photo, featuring the girls on set, backstage, having fun and so forth. This single reached #6 on the Oricon charts, charted for four weeks and sold 28,840 copies.
Original Title: 僕の太陽 / AKB48
Released: August 08t2007
Catalog No. DFCL-1384
File Size: 42 MB (320kbps)
Last reupload: 15 June 2013

Track List:
01 Boku no Taiyou (僕の太陽; My Sun)
02 Mirai no Kajitsu (未来の果実)
03 Boku no Taiyou (Instrumental) (僕の太陽)
04 Mirai no Kajitsu Instrumental (未来の果実)

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