SPYAIR is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005, They are IKE as vocals, UZ as Guitar & Programming, MOMIKEN as Bassis, KENTA as drumer, and ENZEL☆ as DJ (former member). All of their older releases are permanently out of print as they were self-published and never sold in stores. They used to hold street lives in Nagoya fairly often, which is where they sold their music. The name SPYAIR was determined in one shot by the members, which came from the word spyware, a type of computer virus.

{Last Updated: April 29, 2014}

[2010.08.11] LIAR
[2010.12.01] Last Moment // ED #25 Bleach
[2011.03.16] Japanication (ジャパニケーション)
[2011.06.08] Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!) (サムライハート) // ED #1st Gintama'
[2011.08.24] BEAUTIFUL DAYS
[2012.03.14] My World // ED #2 Gundam AGE
[2012.06.27] 0 GAME // Theme song of the Japanese version of "The Amazing Spider-Man"
[2012.09.05] Naked
[2012.10.17] Rock This Way Feat. SEAMO
[2012.11.21] WENDY~It's You~
[2013.05.29] Niji
[2013.07.03] Genjou Destruction
[2013.11.13] JUST ONE LIFE
[2014.04.30] Imagination

[2011.09.21] Rockin' the World
[2012.09.19] Just Do It
[2013.08.07] MILLION

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  1. Hi... Thank you so much for this... Helped me a lot in saving time finding the download links myself in Google... Great job!!!

  2. Next month is the release date of the anime series "Samurai Flamenco" entitled "JUST ONE LIFE" by SPYAIR. I'm can't wait to release it next month.

  3. "Imagination" by SPYAIR (Release Date: Apr. 30, 2014)