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The story is about this INCREDIBLE lucky girl apparently that has too much luck for her own good so the god of misfortune is sent to get a good load of luck from her and make her like any of us unlucky on the world. At first glance the main charachter seems to be the normal type of populair girl with big breasts and nice charachter but in reality she's alone. The god of misfortune finds this out the hard way and u can already guess what happens next, Yes a shitload of funny scenes and weird ass moments. Also I must note that I really like the fact that theyre making fun of different anime's just like they do in gintama. The show also has a few drama moments but are quickly changed from depressing/cry/emo moments too Lol wtf funny moments
{Lates Update Nov 17, 2012}
Uploaded 2nd character song.

Opening Theme:
"Make My Day!" by Piko [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Ending Theme:
"Koi Boudou (恋暴動)" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY [TV Size] [Single] [Album]

Insert Song:
Eps 11 "??? by Bobby & Momo [Download]

Character Song:
Ichiko : Happy Girl☆Lucky Girl!
Momiji : Momiji no Uta ~Aisansan~

Binbougami ga! Original Soundtrack & Variety CD [Download]
TSUTAYA VS Binbougami ga! Rental-Only Special CD

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  1. I like both equally the OP and the ED songs I can't wait for the full version XD

  2. When will be released the full version of opening theme?

    1. "Make My Day!" by Piko release on 2012/08/15

      "Koi Boudou (恋暴動)" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY release on 2012/08/15

      actually me too waiting opening song >.<

  3. Musica Irwansyah I'll wait for Full Ver of Opening soundtrack this anime~
    Like song of Mario Bross :3

  4. Replies
    1. yg full ada kow.. cuma belum mau muncul~ masih malu" >.<

  5. Why can't I download the Full ver. of the OP. When i clicked the link nothing shows, it only opens a new tab... then thats it

  6. thanks for the OP. Also waiting for the ED Full

  7. Replies
    1. daisuki Oppai song, i dont that is inesrt or not, because too short (duration) and inavailable in OST.

  8. gracias por todos sus aportes, no se que haria sin ustedes