If you are just going to be getting into Dog Days for the first time, please make sure to watch season one first. You may think this is obvious, but because of the weird naming scheme of the show and it's current streaming conditions in the west, it can really be confusing to newcomers. Season one is called "Dog Days" and season two is "Dog Days'" or "Dog Days Dash". As of this writing, there is no legal way to watch season one streaming, as Crunchyroll is only streaming season two. I feel as if many reviewers are going to watch season two thinking that it is a fresh new anime series and are going to be confused by who these characters are and what is going on. 

If you haven't watched season one, do yourself a favor and go do so. If you are on the fence after watching season one as to whether you should watch two, then of course give it a watch. There's less plot this time around and less conflict. With season two, I believe Masaki Tsuzuki knew he was green-lit for a third season so he decided to use season two as the world-building filler in-between two more semi-serious and conflict-filled seasons. The final episode of Dash strongly hinted at another season, and with all of the press and promotional work it has been getting, as well as the solid bluray sales and more merchandise on the way, you can bet you aren't getting involved with a dead franchise.
[Last updated: 24 June 2013]

Opening Theme:
"FEARLESS HERO" by Nana Mizuki [Download]

Ending Theme:
"Natsu no Yakusoku" by Yui Horie [Download] [Single]

Insert Theme:
"Heart Relation" by Millhiore F. Biscotti (CV. Yui Horie) [Download]
"Shiny Heart Shiny Smile" by Millhiore F. Biscotti (CV. Yui Horie) [Download]

Bonus CD:
CD 3 - Original Soundtrack
CD 4 - Insert Song Single [Heart Relation & Shiny Heart Shiny Smile]
CD 5 - Cast Talk
CD 6 - Drama CD

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  1. Thanks for the opening and ending theme singles of the anime series "Dog Days (Season 2)" and thanks for uploading with us.

  2. will rise when the insert song of heart relation and shiny shiny heart smile

    1. maybe will release in bonus cd. but i don't know from volume?

    2. Here is it~