Description: First album release from Fencer including 12 tracks total (subject to change). Participating guests: Azumi (wyolica), COMA-CHI, eli (ex.Love Tambourines), G-RINABASI, AKiLA&SALA, and GEBO.
Original Title: Rip Current by Fencer
Released: 2012/06/06
Catalog No. NPCD-616
File Size: 84 MB (320kbps)
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Pass  : kasumi@anime-mp3

Track List :
1. baby Girl feat. eli (ex.Love Tambourines)
2. Get Back In Love feat. AKiLA&SALA (SingerSongSurfers)
3. Angel
4. Freedom Sunset feat. COMA-CHI
5. シーサイドタウン feat. G.RINA
6. Vision feat. BASI (韻シスト)
7. Humming Boat feat. Azumi (Wyolica)
8. Eboshi Beats
9. No Way feat. eli (ex.Love Tambourines)
10. 忘れられない色 feat. GEBO
11. Stardust

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