Original Title: WHITE ALBUM 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK  ~closing~
Artist : Rena Uehara,Akari Tsuda,Yukina Ogiso
Catalog NO. AQMC-007~8
Release Date: June 29, 2012
Disc 1 + BK: 148 MB [] Disc 2: 148 MB
Password: anime-mp3.com@musica_MaGiC*waost2clos
Last Updated: Oct 06th, 2013

01 Shiawasena Kioku /Rena Uehara
02 Extended Winter
03 Toro
04 Snowfalls
05 Candlelight
06 Honesty
05 Answer
08 Saigo ni nokoru mono
09 Tokeau kokoro
10 Dareka ga kizutsuite mo
11 Sunshine Day
12 Tameiki
13 Todokanai koi
14 Mihatenu yume
15 ready
16 Komorebi
17 Yakusoku no basho
18 Seika
19 Shiawasena Kioku Piano

Disc 2
01 Yasashii Uso instrumental
02 Yasashii Uso Piano
03 Yasashii Uso  /Rena Uehara
04 Aisuru kokoro instrumental
05 Aisuru kokoro Music Box
06 Aisuru kokoro  /Akari Tsuda
07 Kokoro wa itsumo anata no soba ni instrumental
08 Kokoro wa itsumo anata no soba ni Piano
09 Kokoro wa itsumo anata no soba ni /Akari Tsuda
10 Toki no mahou instrumental
11 Toki no mahou Music Box
12 Toki no mahou  /Yukina Ogiso
13 closing instrumental
14 closing Acoustic Guitar
15 closing  / /Rena Uehara

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  1. Hi, the password does not seem to be working for both disc 1 and 2 that I downloaded from Zippyshare.

    1. it probably when you copy this password then paste it, (+space) also copied in your clipboard. The password is correct.

    2. i already tried with manual typing, not copy paste the password and it still didn't work...please need to be checked again
      thank you very much

    3. Hello, thank you for your quick respon. are you sure that file is downloaded from this page?
      I have check it and it works, here is my proof, please see / watch (.gif):