Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want a Date! / 中二病でも恋がしたい! 
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! is an anime series based on the novel of the same name that is produced by Kyoto Animation. Some fans of Kyoto Ani (Clannad, Hyouka, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu) will definitely rejoice because the Japanese studio is already well known for its rich visuals and aesthetics. They have been involved with many series with the typical high school life being turned from normal to abnormal and they did it once again! The series takes place at a typical high school setting. It involves a young boy named Yuuta Togashi who is suffering a case of...chuunibyou, or “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome". In technical terms, it is a condition in which an individual deludes themselves as being a smartass and looks down on others. They also believe they have some sort of “special power” that excludes themselves from the normal society. It's actually quite common though. I don't know if you ever felt this way but a lot of people do weird things in high school. I mean, it's like how you used to believe yourself as a superhero like Batman or Superman when you were younger. Good days, good days. And of course, high school has it all: drama, comedy, romance, delusions, cosplaying, and all that other good stuff.Ultimately, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! is a very entertaining series to watch. It's not like the usual harem with a pathetic protagonist who can't make up his damn mind. But rather, it involves a kid who tried to escape from his past but ends up living it now with his new friends at high school. Entertainment is not so easy to bring these days especially with a lot of already used ideas but this one here is executed pretty well in my opinion
{Latest Updated: April 19, 2014}

Opening Theme:
1. "Sparkling Daydream" by ZAQ [Download] 
2. "Kimi E" by ZAQ [Download]
(OP 2nd Season Eps 1): PunIshment thIs worLd-VOICE-Episode.Φ
3. "VOICE" by ZAQ [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Ending Theme:
1. "INSIDE IDENTITY" by Black Raison d'être [ZAQ Ver.] [Single]
2. "Shikkoku ni Odoru Haou Bushi" by ZAQ [Download] 
(ED 2nd Season Eps 1): LATE STARTER→ by Black Raison d'être
3. "Van!shment Th!s World" by Black Raison d'être [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Insert song:
Ep #08: "Hajimari no Tane" by ZAQ
Ep #10: "Kimi no Tonari wa" by ZAQ
Ep #10: "Miage te Goran Yoru no Hoshi o" by Maaya Uchida

Album Collection:
Vocal Mini Album [Download]
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! The Movie Theme Song Collection
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! The Movie Original Soundtrack  
Original Soundtrack Sound of a small love & chu-2 byo story [Download]
Character Song Mini Album: Fantastic stage 
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! REN Original Soundtrack

Other Collection:
Drama CD [Download]
Radio CD [Download]
Drama CD Ren: Ai no Tenbin ni Yureru Villanelle

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  1. Thanks for the early come out. I really like this music after I watch its first episode.

  2. upload opending yang versi ONA juga dunk ^^
    "Kimi He" by ZAQ
    "Shikkoku ni Odoru Haou Bushi" by ZAQ

  3. yang Liteny jg dong di upload :D

  4. Apa bedanya lite sama yg biasa?

  5. ending gak bisa di download "This server is in maintenance mode. Refresh this page in some minutes.

    1. iya, memang Rdz lagi maintenance.. donlot single nya saja..

  6. saya juga bingung pas denger ostnya tapi emang ostnya bagus hhe

  7. be patience, the Black Raison d'être still not released yet.

  8. can we get insert song from episode 8 i think is Hajimari no Tane by ZAQ ty

  9. How about the Lite episode?
    "Kimi He"? Would love to.

  10. akhirnya keluar opening lite nya \(^-^)/
    thanks lot!!!

  11. Yay the lite opening!! can't wait for the lite ending! thank you very much for uploading! ^^

  12. Yay "Shikkoku ni Odoru Haou Bushi" is out! XDDD thank you thank you! XDD

  13. insert song waktu si rikka nembak si yuuta blum ada ya???
    klo gag salah episode 10...

  14. OP 2 kimi E < file not found please fix it and thanks

  15. @Yusei : itu lagunya blm di rilis, tnggal 9 nnti baru keluar full'ny, judul laguny "Kimi No Tonari Wa by ZAQ",

  16. Hey Kasumi-san... please upload "Kimi No Tonari Wa by ZAQ"

  17. @aven tp sampe tanggal 9 juga blm ada tuh lagu nya

  18. Kasumi-chan, can i ask a favor...
    When the Insert song will be Uploaded? I Can't wait

  19. forget the past comment I made. I just saw the links for the movie songs.
    Great site by the way!

  20. Replies
    1. Anoo.. where is the BGM soundtrack for Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren? when it's released, pls don't mix with the first season..