Day Break Illusion // Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou // Il Sole Penetra le Illusioni // 
The Sun Penetrates the Illusions //  幻影ヲ駆ケル太陽
Since ancient times long past, this world has been ruled by two tarot cards.
Diablos Tarot—The tarot of the devil that feasts on the souls of living humans and uses that nourishment to bring countless pain and suffering. Elemental Tarot—The tarot that draws its energy from the power of nature in order to oppose the Diablos Tarot. Girls chosen from 22 different bloodlines become the wielders of the Elemental Tarot, plunging themselves into this secret battle. To maintain the balance of this world, while carrying unbearable guilt…
Are they executioners? Or saviors? This is the story of the long, long battle fought by girls who cannot escape the fate they bear. (ann)
Last Updated: Nov 27, 2014

Opening Theme
"träumerei" by LiSA [TV Size] [Full Ver.]

Ending Theme
"-Mirage-" by Natsumi Okamoto

Bonus CD:
1. Character Song: Akari Taiyo & Seira Hoshikawa
2. Character Song: Luna Tsukuyomi &  Ginka Shirokane
3. Drama CD
4. OST CD1
5. Radio CD Part 1
6. OST CD2
7. Radio CD Part 2 

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  1. Any date on when the full OP will be out?

  2. Thanks for uploading the opening and ending theme singles of the anime series "Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou" on the mp3 files, thanks so much.

  3. Will there be an OST, too?

    Thanks in advance and big thanks for all these uploads^^
    Your website's currently my favourite <3

    1. OST #1: 25 Dec 2013
      OST #2: 26 Feb 2014


  4. Where's the bonus CD 1 of the anime series "Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou" on the mp3 files? Please upload on it.

    1. Yes, please! I would like to listen to Akari and Seira's character songs.

  5. I noticed you guys got your hands on the 2nd bonus CD, But i really want to have the First one. Kitamura eri's song is on the first one, If you could get it it would be great. Thanks.

  6. Hello, is anyone have to upload the bonus CD 3 of the anime series "Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou"? It's already released since Nov 27. I hope that they upload on it.

  7. Please upload the bonus CD's 3 and 5 of the anime series "Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou" on the mp3 files. We want you to upload on it.